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I have started using StatComm.

Very good so far.  But, I came across a feature that you can install. 


But, I can not succeed in installing the add-on.

Here are the line of message that I get:

2012-10-14 12:25:37 PM - Preparing a first time install of the Maxmind GeoLiteCity database
2012-10-14 12:25:37 PM - PHP Memory Limit is 256M, increasing is not needed.
2012-10-14 12:25:37 PM - GeoliteCity size is about 10 MB.
2012-10-14 12:25:37 PM - The download time depends on your server download speed.
2012-10-14 12:25:37 PM - A timeout can happen if the download takes more than 2 minutes.
2012-10-14 12:25:37 PM - Getting file from server...
2012-10-14 12:26:01 PM - Done. Saving gzip file to disk...
2012-10-14 12:26:01 PM - Could not save gzip file to disk or file not found. Permissions problems?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Is it a permission problem?  If so, where is the file being downloaded to, and I will correct the permissions.



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