Author Topic: StatPress Community 1.6.0 Available on Wordpress Repository  (Read 3175 times)

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StatPress Community 1.6.0 Available on Wordpress Repository
« on: March 25, 2012, 02:57:37 PM »
I'm happy to announce the Availability of Statpress Community Plugin, a statistics plugin for Wordpress.

StatPress Community (StatComm) is now available directly from Wordpress Repository or from the Download Page

Feel free to download and test the plugin.

The readme.txt included explain details about this first version
Code: [Select]
=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: WordpressReady
Donate link:
Tags: stats, statistics, widget, admin, sidebar, visits, visitors, pageview, referrer, spy
Author URI:
Plugin URI
Tags: stats, statistics, visits, visitors, pageview, referrer, spy
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.3.1
Stable Tag: 1.6.0

Real Time Statistics on your blog, collecting information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS and more.

== Description ==

StatPress Community (shortened to **StatComm** from now on) provides Realtime Statistics on your blog, collecting information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS and more.

Once the plugin has been activated, it will immediately starts collecting information. **StatComm** provides many views to analyze the incoming users on your blog, and also spy tools to find out their procedence. For users of other StatPress plugins variations, it provides a well known feature set and information.

This RELEASE version is aiming to provide for starters bloggers an unique way to understand what's going on with your traffic.

== Installation ==

* Go to Plugins > Add New for searching plugins
* Search for StatPress Community
* Click on Install Now under StatPress Community
* Activate it. The StatPress Comm menu will appear near the bottom of the admin page. The plugin starts collecting when you activate it.
* Customization? Go to the Options page

Important note: **StatComm** does not conflict with any Statpress versions. Moreover, this plugin should be running fine side by side with
any Statpress alternative(although not recommended)

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

**StatComm** is a giant rewrite of StatPress, a statistics plugin, and it will provide on the following versions a truly way to update from many unsupported StatPress plugins variations. A detailed milestone is under way in the main site. **StatComm** is currently under development, providing support and appreciating the feedback from his starting community.

It also includes widgets for adding to the sidebar (and even a PHP way if you can't use widgets). In this early stage, this feature is
under revision, meaning its internal functionality could change and expand in following versions.

= Multilanguage =

**StatComm** is translated to English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, Brazilian, Turkish and Swedish!
Also, there will be an unified effort to stand out all contributors.
If you think you can contribute to translation/develop/economic/design or other aspects, please be in touch to be on board of the contributor list.

= Where can I get help? =

* Please visit the <a href="">WordpressReady site</a> for news and plugin insight, and also
the <a href="">WordpressReady forum</a> the place for plugin support.
The plugin also includes a help reference to starters and important information on advanced topics.

= Where is the information stored? =

* **StatComm** relies the information storage in a few options and a table (**statcomm** postfix)

= Is there an uninstall? =

* The current release does not have a proper uninstall option although this is on development. Next versions will deal in this aspect.
It means that the table generated won't be deleted during plugin's deactivation nor options.

= How can I migrate my data from version of [Statpress plugin variation here] to **StatComm**? =

* This release version doesn't provide a way to implement a migration, though this issue has heavily analyzed from early stages. **A migration path is under way**, please look for <a href="">WordpressReady site</a> and also <a href="">WordpressReady forum</a> for further questions.

= Are you providing support for other Statpress plugin variations? =

* If you are using different older/unsupported Statpress variations, **StatComm** is the way to go , since this plugin includes all the enhancements of older an outdated Statpress version/variations. To clarify, there is NO support for those plugins.

== Screenshots ==


== Changelog ==

V1.6.0 First Release (2012-03-23 06:34 -3GT)

* Conversion to OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
* Heavy refactoring: no more prefixes all around.
* First-stage documentation towards Javadoc standard (work in progress).
* First round bug-squashing.
* First round deprecated-code clean.
* Recode to avoid conflicts with other Statpress versions/variations.
* Export problem missing field corrected
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