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Hi all, Apologies if this is explained somewhere else, but clicking on the spy category on the plugin it says that maxmind database is not installed.

When I try and download it in the advanced section I get this message:

Any help would be great


Hi RDawson-Goodey,

Thanks for your comments.

It seems that the plugin can retrieve the file from the server , but the file can't be saved.
Statcomm saves the file(s) on the [plugin-folder-installation]/def so it needs write permission there.
Please check the permissions.

Hi Fernando, Thanks for that! It worked however on the main overview and the spay page, i get a fatal error message

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in /home/blogchil/public_html/wp-content/plugins/statpress-community-formerly-statcomm/classes/geoipcity.php on line 142"

Any help greatly appreciated


Hi RDawson-Goodey,

I'll dig into that, I received two similar reports with this issue.
Best regards

Hi RDawson-Goodey,

-Some classes on Statcomm are based on classes provided for Maxmind site. Among those, the geoipcity.php and geoip.php files which have the classes GeoIp_Ctrl  and GeoIpCity_Ctrl respectively.

Those classes are using the mb_internal_encoding function, which is defined in the multibyte string extension (mbstring).
This extension provides support to other functions as mb_substr although Wordpress already provides an alternative for this specific function.  See more of mbstring extension on  PHP documentation for multibyte string extension

Chances are the extension mbstring is missing on the Apache server (this extension is not installed by default). Another possibility is the server has PHP 4.0.5 or less and you are not using PHP 5 although this possibility seems to be remote.

We'll going to make changes to detect this situation, even though we recommend to enable multi byte string extension or ask to the administrator to enable it.

Best Regards

System Analyst / Analista de Sistemas
Fernando Zorrilla de San Martín
Statcomm Plugin Leader Developer

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