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Problem downloading Maxmind Geolocation service



Since I've downloaded the last version of Statcomm (1.7.41), I can't download Maxmind Geolocation service. When I try, I have a message which says :

"2012-08-2 07:57:54 AM - Preparing a first time install of the Maxmind GeoLiteCity database
2012-08-2 07:57:54 AM - PHP Memory Limit is 256M, increasing is not needed.
2012-08-2 07:57:54 AM - GeoliteCity size is about 10 MB.
2012-08-2 07:57:54 AM - The download time depends on your server download speed.
2012-08-2 07:57:54 AM - A timeout can happen if the download takes more than 2 minutes.
2012-08-2 07:57:54 AM - Getting file from server...
2012-08-2 07:57:55 AM - Client error when retrieving file:(403) - Forbidden"

Any idea why?

Thanks! :)

Hi Adrien,

If you are using a shared hosting (a single IP shared by many users) and other users attempted to download Maxmind several times in a row (this database is widely used in many plugins and other systems) you are candidate to be temporarily banned. In such cases, any request from your IP will be rejected(403) for a 24-48 hours period.

One workaround is to download from other location, could be your computer on your home, office or any computer with other IP and upload to the server.

We've been in the same situation, see   :o
Best regards



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