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Installed Maxmind, now all stat info is gone

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I installed Geolite maps after the update to the new version and now all my info is invisible. I can't see anything. Also I cannot uncheck the Geolites box under settings, because it isn't there. How do I fix this?



I just now also realised that this mistake cost me my homepage. It has been down since this update and I solved it by uninstalling statcomm. I am not happy.

Hi smurf:
We are sorry you encounter a problem.
Could you specify about all  your info is invisible. Do you mean your site is blank?

The maxmind udpdate shouldn't conflict with any process in the plugin or site.
We are checking and testing the download procedure, it seem it's working as usual. It didn't change it for over two months.
Moreover, we tested the plugin again in our server and it seems update procedure works fine.

Maxmind settings doesn't have uncheck options at least version 1.6.90. You just need to click a link and the process is automatic.
Statcomm 1.7.31 now needs at least Wordpress 3.3 to work, but it will refuse in those scenarios.

If you need some help on this matter, just tell us.
Best regards

Well, what I mean is under the stats, where info about users is, has now gone blank. If I click details it's blank and the statcounter stopped counting. And I then noticed that our page couldn't be accessed anymore which made me check everything which in turn forced me to inactivate statcomm. This then solved the issues I had.

Hope that helps.

I am running WP 3.41

So I did an experiment now and switched Statcomm back on. This resulted once again in the homepage crashing and not accessable any more. I turned off Statcomm and it came back. I have not had this issue before with statcomm and I really liked the plugin, but if it crashes my page I can't use it anymore. :(

Hi smurf:
Your case is very unique since is very serious (crashing the site) and also you are running the last WP version  (3.4.1) which
discard any compatibility problem with previous Wordpress versions. That's made the problem even more strange.

In our tests, the problem came up:
If the GeoLiteCity.dat is corrupted, the plugin wrongly tries to get data from the file, causing the site goes down. (!) :(

Even the plugin does its best to download the database safely to your site, it seems there is a chance of get a bogus file from Maxmind. This problem could manifest for several reasons (your ip is blacklisted in Maxmind, slow connection , transference aborted which could happen in dynamic IP scenarios or manually aborted for changing the page while downloading, etc.)

We are currently analyzing this condition of error, since the plugin already catch the problem in every scenario. It seems there is another condition, probably new one.

If you can get access to your Wordpress installation follow this steps to fix the problem:

* Download a new version of GeoLiteCity to your desktop . Currently is around 11.1MB
* Decompress it using some tool (for example , WinRaR)
* Upload the file to [statcomm plugin installation]/def  folder, replacing the incorrect file. That should temporarily the problem.  The database is not automatically replaced, it requires manual assistance so you can be safe.
We apologized for the serious inconvenient. We are working to include a improved check to avoid this to happen in the next release (July 22).

I'll try and upload the file. Otherwise I'll wait til the update and hope that it can solve the issue. Thanks for the help.


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