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Error in stats count


In the overview section of the graphs, it shows visits etc etc.  My THIS MONTH visits did go to 0 at the start of last month or this month and is not moving day in day out.  Yesterday my VISITORS TODAY said 28, Today my VISITORS YESTERDAY say 2!!

Something is seriously wrong!!

Please help

Hi P.Williams thanks for your comments.
We are currently working in that issue.

We suggest a workaround while the new version is about to be released. Go to the plugin option panel and press save, not need to change anything. This will rebuild the cache results and will make the correct results.

Our apologies for the problem, we are currently working on it. We expect to release an update today to correct it.
Best regards

Fernando Zorrilla

We are fixed many issues in v1.7.30.
Give it a try.
Best regards


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