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Overview stats zeroing out

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I'm having a problem where the previous day sometimes (has happened twice now in 8 days) that as the day rolls over to the new day, the stats for the now previous day are zeroed out. I have attached a screenshot of the overview area so you could see an example of it occurring.

I would love any help with this you could provide. Thanks :)

It did it again. This time I took a screenshot from earlier in the evening and then after midnight so you can see what happens.

Thanks for your feedback. We'll dig into this problem to find what's going on and we'll contact you back.
Best Regards

There is a workaround while we are dealing with this problem.
Go to the options, and press save settings, you don't need to change anything. This action forces Statcomm to reload the data and correct the numbers.

Our apologies for the problem, we are working on it.
Best regards

We were working around this issue. The thing is we detected few errors in the queries making the graphics, possibly causing this problem.

We suggest to wait the incoming 1.7.30 to see if this issue was finally fixed (to be released this weekend).
Our apologies for the problem.


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