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I've been using StatComm for a while now and am in general happy with it as it gives be a good overview of what is going on at my Blog.

In the bar chart you can see Visitors, Page views, Spiders, Feeds, and Errors. All this is good BUT the errors indicated doesn't tell me what is wrong. There is no place, as far as I've been able to find,  that tells me what's going wrong. Can someone point me in a direction where I can find out what 's happening.

Thank you,

I forgot to some stuff and I add it in as a "Reply".
Wordpress version: 3.4
StatComm version 1.7.10

Thank you for your comments.
You are right, there is no place actually to inspect the errors.
We are currently working in this area. The idea is to expand the Search page so the graphic take you there and you can see a detailed view of the current error.

In our tests we found out around a hundred attempts of breaking the site... a week. So we'll try to release and add some advise related this feature.

Version 1.7.30 has added a subplugin to which resumes error report day by day. It needs to be activated before use. Please follow the help instructions included in the help to make it work.
Best regards.


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