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It would be really good if we could enter IP addresses that we do not want statcomm to count at all such as our mobile device ips and laptops or if we want to enclude our entire networks master ip address so no one in our home gets counted.

Hi billh:

Although is not covered in depth, the plugin has the ability to filter by IP. In the help (StatComm->Advanced Features)
it is described that banips.dat is used to filter any ip you want to filter out (it is used unluckily the term 'banned', what should be corrected). The help is somewhat obscure at this point so we'll try to shed light on the topic a little more:

banips.dat is just a text file and it is located in the plugin-name/def folder . Every line contains an IP you want to exclude, for example:

If we want to exclude an entire subnet this wouldn't be very useful.
Let's say we are working under a personal network with address 192.168.*.*
The file accepts also regular expressions so we could add something like:


That should the job. Moreover, if you use this regular expression you wouldn't need the and lines above.

What would you use that for? Well, if you want to completely ignore all the bots in your current traffic you could enlist all the ips from the current crawlers out there (take a look on I wouldn't recommend that , since the plugin has options to exclude bots, but if you want to selectively ignore some ips , this is the best way.

banips.dat is somewhat hidden and its use is for more advanced use, but in future versions we'll work to be easier to maintain.

Best Regards


The banips.dat feature doesn't seem to work on multisites filtering.  It only works on the main site.  Any plan to fix this in future release?

I'm running the latest 1.7.20.


Thanks for let us know. It will be fixed for next version 1.7.30 , planned for July 7.
Best regards


We delayed the 1.7.30 , the test were extended due new features.
Apologies for the delay.
Best regards


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