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StatPress  is a great plugin to wordpress.  However, it doesn't seem to run on multi-sites wordpress setting.  I can only use it in my main site and not other sub sites.  It would be wonderful to be able to collect data across multi-sites, having individual site and overall sites statistics.  Any plan to include this feature?

My website: , the sub sites are those in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.


Hi onleave:
Multi-site is a highly requested featured and we added to our schedule.
Our major concern is currently StatComm needs a serious performance boost before take the multisite step. Also the current develop line is aiming to provide a safe way to migrate from unsupported plugins, please take a look of planned Roadmap. We're working to merge the multi-site feature along the migration tool, both features will be in progress on June.

Stay tuned and thanks for your comments. Nice site by the way.

Best Regards

Cool.  Will keep myself updated.


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