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Lastest Upgrade Broke UserAgents



I upgraded to the latest version early this morning and now *all* my user agents and OS detection are blank/unknown. As well as that the unknown user agents list is empty. Additionally the graphics for unknown spiders is broken (can't find uas-unknown.png)

My Options page shows the following detail for the user agent stuff:

--- Code: ---Checking if ZipArchive class is available (used for unpackage database) OK
Checking if folder def is writable (used for save UAS database) OK
Current User Agent String DB version 20120418-01 dowloaded in date 2012-05-11 01:11:00
--- End code ---


Hi there:
That was an issue in v1.6.80 fixed in v1.6.81

What is your current plugin version?

An additional note:
We detected in version 1.6.80 a problem which disabled os and browser detection   :o, we hope we fixed in the current 1.6.81 release.
Also we noticed that records affected remains affected  :(. What we are saying is that every incorrect record saved will remain with the same bad information. No fear  ;), most of information is there, it needs to be properly formatted.

'Normalizer' coming into action
Since next releases will deal with migration aspects from other plugins, we are working in a tool to normalize the StatComm data and fix all those little issues caused through different StatComm versions.  This 'normalizer' tool will be included on future Statcomm versions specially when migrating from outdated Statpress plugins.

We' re trying to include this tool in the next iteration (1.6.90 this weekend!) or in the incoming major release  (1.7.00 scheduled to May 27).
We'll keep you posted on the blog for any update.

Best Regards


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